About Free Spirit Gathering

Free Spirit Gathering (FSG) is an annual, week-long, Pagan festival that takes place in the United States. It is organized and run by the Free Spirit Alliance, an organization that supports Pagan spiritual communities and events.

The festival typically takes place in August and is held at a Camp Ramblewood, that provides space for workshops, rituals, and other activities. FSG is open to people of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in exploring Pagan spirituality and culture.

FSG features a diverse range of workshops and activities, including drumming and dancing, meditation and yoga, art and crafts, and discussions on various aspects of Paganism and spirituality. There are also daily rituals and ceremonies that are open to all attendees.

One of the unique features of FSG is the creation of a temporary intentional community. Attendees are encouraged to participate in communal activities such as meals, and to support each other in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.

Overall, Free Spirit Gathering is a vibrant and inclusive celebration of Pagan spirituality and culture. It offers a supportive and welcoming space for individuals to explore their spirituality and connect with like-minded people in a beautiful natural setting.