2024 Featured Presenters

Free Spirit Gathering is proud to announce our featured presenters for 2024

Jimmy Clark

Discover the multifaceted expertise of Jimmy Clark, a distinguished professional music educator, artist life coach, performer, and media producer. Through his company, JC Music & Wellness LLC, Jimmy offers a diverse range of workshops, classes, presentations, and unique offerings designed to enhance your musical and creative journey. Additionally, his innovative venture, “Clark & Kobel,” presents “The Fools’ Journey,” the world’s first multimedia feature film experience based on the Tarot. Dive into a transformative experience with Jimmy Clark and explore the synergy of music, wellness, and creative expression.

Brian Henke

Brian Henke, the IPMA Best Male Artist winner in 2019 and 2020, is renowned for his eclectic guitar style, which blends elements of Folk, New Age, Neo-Classical, and Pastoral music. Describing his work as a “big stewpot of everything,” Henke draws inspiration from the world around him, creating music that resonates with spirituality and mysticism. He has recently released his latest vocal CD “There Beneath the Stars” and is working on additional vocal and instrumental albums. Henke’s discography includes seven solo guitar and harp guitar albums, two celebrated compilations benefiting charitable causes, and a group CD. He is also involved in a musical play with writer Byron Ballard and a compilation CD supporting women’s reproductive rights.

Henke’s music, which has received global radio airplay, is characterized by masterful fretwork and engaging compositions. He has earned numerous accolades, including finalist positions in prestigious contests like the National Fingerstyle Contest and the National Guitarmageddon regional finals. Critics have praised his work as organic, mesmerizing, and magical. Henke’s album “Dance with the Fireflies” showcases his virtuosity on acoustic guitar, harp guitar, and his Gibson Les Paul, cementing his place alongside fingerstyle guitar legends such as Alex de Grassi and Leo Kottke.

Listen to Brian’s music below!

Orion Foxwood

Meet Orion Foxwood, a renowned Pagan author, witch, conjure-man, and faery seer, celebrated for his profound teachings and captivating workshops. As the founder of the House of Brigh Seership Institute, Orion brings a wealth of wisdom drawn from traditional Craft, Southern and Appalachian conjure practices, and the ancient faery faith. His best-selling works, including “The Faery Teachings,” “The Tree of Enchantment,” and “The Candle and the Crossroads,” have inspired countless seekers. Orion’s engaging presentations blend mystical insight with practical guidance, making him a beloved figure in the Pagan community. Join Orion Foxwood on a journey through the enchanting realms of magic and spirituality.

Bree NicGarran

Discover the enchanting world of Bree NicGarran, a distinguished author and podcaster with 20 years of experience in practicing witchcraft. Specializing in history, cottage witchcraft, and practical magics, Bree is dedicated to making the craft accessible and understandable to new adherents. An active member of the online witch community on Tumblr, Bree also regularly vends at witch markets in the Richmond, VA area. Explore Bree’s insightful published works available on Amazon, and tune in to the acclaimed podcast “Hex Positive,” available on all major podcasting platforms. Join Bree in unraveling the mysteries of witchcraft and enhancing your spiritual journey.