FSA – Free Spirit Alliance Elected positions

The following are the elected positions in Free Spirit Alliance and a description of their responsibilities within the organization


Makes necessary purchases in accordance with a budget provided by the Financial Secretary and approved at a business meeting.

Makes a report of these purchases at the next Corporate business meeting (a copy of this report is available to membership upon request).

May act as official spokesperson for the Corporation.

May delegate these tasks to others as necessary or expedient.

Makes problem-solving decisions on behalf of the Corporation when such decisions either cannot be deferred until the next meeting or do not require approval by the members (in such cases, the President acts upon advisement of the Trustees).

Vice President

Functions in place of the President when he/she is unable to perform his/her duties.

Assists the President in any tasks which may be delegated to him/her.


Keeps financial records.

Refunds money to members upon presentation of receipt or other proof of funds spent on Corporation business.

Presents financial statements as requested by the Trustees; prepares budgets as necessary for the operation of authorized committees.


Picks up mail from Post Office.

Keeps the mailing list.

Supplies mailing labels to committees as necessary.

Takes minutes at business meetings, supplying copies to the newsletter editor.

Supports other officers by supplying membership list at events.

Reminds the membership of dues renewal.

Purchases office supplies.

Copies and distributes flyers and directories.

Holds all official Corporation documents.

Trustee (4 positions)

Audits the records and reports kept by the Administrative Board at least once a year.

As needed, schedules Corporation business meetings without approval by the Administrative Board, and presides over those meetings.

In the event of the Corporation’s dissolution, supervises the liquidation of the assets according to the Fifth Article.